Robert Gordon

About three quarters of the way through his Electrical and Computer Engineering Degree at Ohio State, Rob decided that he wanted to explore developing video games. To that end, he beefed up his programming skills, got involved in a graphics programming oriented research project, subscribed to Game Developer magazine (its got that game programmer smell every time you open the plastic), and applied to the ETC program.

He spent a year working on said research project at the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design. He helped create a virtual reality application that used motion capture and a data glove to track the participant. Besides programming in C++ and OpenGL, he got to use motion capture for both real-time and animation purposes, see all the wonderful things MFA people can do with Maya, and do lots of footbagging (a.k.a. hacky sack).

His addictions include PC, Gameboy, and X-Box games, take-over-the-world board games, and chess. He also enjoys outdoor pursuits (orienteering, hiking, rock climbing, skydiving, caving, bungee jumping), and plans to do the especially dangerous ones more often when he can afford it. To keep his girlish figure, he does running, soccer, hockey and anything else involving excessive sweating.

Rob is very excited about working with the platoon of smart and diverse students that will be his classmates. Both his siblings are actors, so he is hoping that his drama genes will show through in the improvisational acting class. Rob is also a proud if unofficial member of the Gordon Clan of Scotland. Maybe he̢

Educational History

BS Electrical and Computer Engineering, Ohio State University