Ruijie Liu

Jack was born in Guangzhou, China. As a game enthusiast, he is a huge fan of real-time computer graphics technology. He started to over clock GPU to optimize graphics performance at high school. During his undergraduate study at South China University of Technology, he majored in Computer Science and laid a solid foundation of programming.

After coming to ETC, he developed several games on different interaction platforms (e.g. HMD, Kinect, Wii Remote) using Unity3D. Besides, he also learned how to cooperate with other outstanding students to build a strong team. In the future, he will delve further into computer graphics in order to make the most visually stunning game.

His favorite games include but not limit to: Grand Theft Auto, Need For Speed, Call of Duty, Crysis, Uncharted, Braid, Journey, Limbo, etc.

Educational History

South China University of Technology Computer Science