Stephen Dewhurst

Having a degree in cognitive science and having worked in the field of social neuroscience for four years, Stephen is now focusing on applying psychology to gaming experiences to add novel perspectives and social environments to gaming experiences. He is especially interested in applying tenants of social psychology to online environments. This will improve the depth of social experience by using subconscious cues such as joint attention and natural spacing.

During his second semester, Stephen worked on the Surfacescapes project, which brought 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons to the Microsoft Surface table. He was a designer and artist on this project, which presented at GDC 2010 and PAX East.

During the summer of 2010, Stephen formed Fathombrook Games with a small groupd of ETC students. With a team of four, Fathombrook used the summer to produce Evacuation, a strategy/action game which will be released on XBox Live Indie Games in September. Stephen was the lead designer and programmer for this project.

Educational History

B.A. Cognitive Science University of Virginia