Stephen Garland

I make objects and tell their stories. I started my undergraduate program at RIT as an illustration major, but I soon found myself lured to the field of industrial design. I was drawn to the ETC by its emphasis on the interaction between audiences and the moving images, games, and objects that they interact with each day.

I feel that the everyday objects in our lives create narratives. To design is to tell the stories of those objects and spaces. At the ETC we can tell the stories of digital and physical spaces alike.

One of my most formative early design experiences was the opportunity to carve a traditional Bunraku puppet, from scratch, under the guidance of an artisan in Japan. The sense of craft I learned there is a constant for me. As a designer, my particular interests are product design, toy design, and interaction design. For me, they are all stories.

Educational History

Industrial Design Rochester Institute of Technology