Shane Liesegang

Just a simple Midwestern boy forcibly raised in the deep South, Shane discovered games at an early age as a way of avoiding the harassment of three older brothers. Around the same time, he declared his intention to design games for a vocation. This youthful enthusiasm was lost in the face of biology, theatre, English, psychology, teaching, computer science, and (ever so briefly) military service, all of which were considered as "real careers" before his discovery of the ETC in 2002.

Shane thinks games are totally sweet, but he also grew up a scant few hours from Disney World (one of the benefits of the involuntary Southern upbringing), and has a fondness for Epcot and the Magic Kingdom that defies description. Any opportunity to use technology to delight, amuse, and comfort is something he will pursue passionately.

Shane likes Gins and Tonic, cheesecake, General Tsao's Chicken, and Greek salad, but not necessarily all at one meal. He also likes theatre, cooking, and long car trips. To get him talking, bring up Disney feature cartoons of the early 90's, the Jacksonville Jaguars, or U2.

Educational History

B.A. Cognitive Science B.A. Drama Minor Computer Science University of Virginia