Shannon Harvey

Currently Shannon Is consulting for Philips Research south of London with the amBX group... Ambient Experience Technologies -

His focus is the development of new markets, concepts and technologies in immersive, themed, theatrical and location based entertainment media and special projects.

Shannon finished his time at ETC on co-op as a Research Assistant to Don Marinelli, Executive Producer of ETC Global at Carnegie Mellon on a research tour to meet with companies to develop potential projects and expand employment opportunities for the ETC community.

His travels are documented in a new blog on Immersive Theater and 'Synesthetic Media'

Shannon has also recently completed delivery of a feature film of The Spaghetti Circus Pirates Show. It is available on-line at

Shannon was the producer of the Circus Pirates project, a Children's Circus Big Top Production collaboration with THe Spaghetti Circus. Featuring 3 20ftx15ft Rear Projections screens running the "largest video game" in Australia. In 12 weeks the Circus Pirates team created and delivered 2.5 hours of real-time content and for 11 shows over 3 weekends.

Bio: Shannon comes to the ETC with a Carnegie Mellon education in classical operatic singing, directing, production technology and theatrical management; graduating in 2004 from college of fine arts with a BFA in Theater Studies. After graduation, Shannon was the principal designer and builder of The Hkan nightclub in Pittsburgh. For the past four years Shannon has taught acrobatics, prop manipulation, and clowning in an Australian children's circus. He also worked as a producer for Alchemica Productions an independent production company in Northern NSW; developing feature film scripts and directing and editing a 50 minute documentary. With Australian and American parents, Shannon has spent much of his life hopping across the pond in an effort to finally make Australia his home. Carnegie Mellon Australia's ETC was a perfect fit for Shannon, who was looking for a graduate program in Australia that had the qualities of the academic experience he had undergone as an undergrad. Shannon's vision is to bring about artful theatrical storytelling through dynamic digital media interaction with live spectacle.

Educational History

BFA Theater Studes - Vocal Music, Directing, Production Technology & Managment Carnegie Mellon University, College of Fine Arts