Sharan Shodhan

A passionate Game Developer with over three years of professional software development experience. Mainly specialising in cross platform mobile games and application development on iOS and Web platforms.

As an undergraduate, joined an organization called Playpower. I started as a programming intern, but in few years, went on to lead a ten person development team. Successfully shipped two apps on the iOS, Android and Amazon platform receiving an overwhelming response of over a million downloads.

After spending almost four years with Playpower, I co-founded a company called Dekorate. As co-founder and CTO, my role was to make an elegant interior designing service accessible to anyone with a smart phone. Along with enhancing my app development skills, I acquired good leadership skills by managing interdisciplinary teams.

I was always interested in the confluence of entertainment and education. With a mission to make learning fun and engaging for kids all around the world, I joined Teal Labs - a small team of engineers and scientists aiming to build a 21st-century learning system that is highly effective. There I leveraged technologies like augmented reality and multiplayer gaming to build highly engaging experiences that make the students fall in love with learning.
Apart from making games and applications, I enjoy playing Tennis, traveling and exploring new places!

Current Project: Voyage

Role: Programmer and Co-Producer


Past Projects

  • Voyage

  • Wizards of Coz