Shuying Feng

After obtaining her Bachelor of Computer Engineering from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China, Shuying came to the ETC to pursue her dream of working in the entertainment industry. At a young age Shuying was playing video games and loved how they interacted with tech and art. She also learned to draw and this gave her passion for art and its creation. During her undergraduate career she discovered programming. This allowed her to create the kind of video games that she always enjoyed as a child. After graduation she learned about the ETC and how it could combine both her passion for art and programming. During the time in ETC, Shuying has participated in many exciting projects. In the first semester, she served as a modeler and animator in BVW. During the spring of 2010, she worked as a programmer for PandaSE team doing shader and tools programming for Panda3D game engine. In the summer, she was an intern for the Disney Online team helping them develop the level editor tool for the Panda 3D engine. In the fall 2011, she was on the Microsoft Live Engagement project which was developing a multiple location and cross-platform(PC and windows 7 phone ) Texas hold-em game. Outside of these projects, Shuying has been taking courses in graphics programming, UI programming and web programming. She has been doing all of this work trying to fulfill her dream of working in the video game industry. Currently, Shuying serves as a Front-end programmer for the Empyrean 2D team.

Educational History

B.E. Network Engineering Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications