Simeng Yang

Simeng was born in Beijing, China, and earned her B.A. in New Media Design from the Renmin University of China. Her works ranged from graphic design, video arts, web design, game research to art installation.

With the love of game, Simeng joined Entertainment Technology Center in the Fall of 2012 to combine her creative abilities and computer art skills to explore the world of digital art. She is currently a texture artist during the BVW program and willing to learn new things at the same time. As a designer, Simeng engages in ongoing research on user experience design to make the design versatile and meaningful.

Current Project: Cooperative Education

Role: UI/UX Designer, Visual Designer

Internship: Gameloft, New York

2D Art

Past Projects

  • Game Grid

  • Amalgamedia

Educational History

Bachelor of Arts Renmin University of China

Work History

ETC project: Amalgamedia, Spring 2013 Role: 2D Artist Intern: Kno, Inc (Intel), Summer 2013 Role: Game Artist, UI Designer ETC project: Game Grid, Fall 2013 Role: 2D Artist/User Interface Design Intern: Gameloft, Spring 2014 Role: UI Designer/Artist Intern: Bosch, June 2014 - Jan 2015 Role: UI/UX Designer Full-time: CareMessage, present Role: UI Designer