Sean Kwon

As a young boy, I found myself enjoying both computer and drawing. Naturally, I was drawn to field of computer graphics in which I could pursue my two interests. Studying computer graphics, I wanted to make visual images that could interact with the viewer, not just ones depicting a scene. And I realized this would be possible in video games. Since there wasn't such a major as "game graphic design", I decided to enroll in Hankuk University of Foreign Studies as a computer engineering major in hope of broadening my knowledge of computers. However, I didn't quite get a chance to learn about computer graphics as a student in computer engineering major, and I had to attend a private institution to learn about computer graphics. Upon graduation, I extended my education of game graphic design by attending Game Academy, which is sponsored by Ministry of Culture & Tourism of Korea. As of today, I am learning valuable lessons by working for NC soft, the leading company in Korean computer game industry. However, I was hardly given a chance to express my own creative thinking working at the big company. For the project I worked on, a 3D artist was only an operator and I was not able to participate in making overall perspective of project or to give an opinion. I have a vision of designing and directing images that reflects my thoughts and feelings.

Educational History

Electronic Engineering / Computer Science Hankuk Univ. of Foreign Studies