Seth Sivak

Having always loved technology and building things Seth received an undergrad degree in Mechanical Engineering. During his time in Boston (he grew up just outside Boston but lived three blocks from Fenway Park while in undergrad) he crafted a love for video games big and small. This spurred Seth on into programming, game design and creative writing. He also spent time playing games competitively while at school.

While an undergrad Seth spent time being a peer mentor for freshman engineers and an after school teacher for middle school students (they learned basic Scheme in ten weeks!) which fostered his love of teaching. This became more realized while working on an educational game called Shortfall Digital in his final semester at Northeastern.

At the ETC Seth worked on the Active-Adventure Project. This project was pitched during the fall of 2007 and has run two consecutive semesters. The goal of the project is to create a next generation exercise game for kids ages 7-12. Seth was also the Programmer teaching assistant for the Building Virtual Worlds 2008 class.

During the summer of 2008 Seth took an internship at Walt Disney Imagineering. While at Imagineering Seth worked in the Creative Technology Group helping to build new tools and technology to help design the next generation of Disney rides and attractions. He also spent time prototyping new guest experiences and developing new attraction concepts.

He is now currently working at Conduit Labs, a start up in Cambridge MA. He is also teaching at Northeastern University.

Educational History

Mechanical Engineering Northeastern University