Theresa Chen

Theresa Chen graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2008 with a Bachelors in Fine Arts. During her undergrad, she concentrated on Electronic Media (3D animation, video, and interactive art & games) and 2D Media (painting, drawing, and sequential art). Her interest in college centered around communicating a concept to an audience through visualization and experience. It was during this time she grew a strong interest in interactive media and the concept of games as art.

While a graduate student at the ETC, Theresa was able to feed her curiosities in interactive media and found her interests turning towards game design and production, having a strong interest in creating game experiences and helping teams achieve the desired experience for their audience.

She is currently working at Electronic Arts as a Web Producer on the Sims 3 team.

Academically, her interests range from understanding storytelling within interaction to the effects of culture on play and play on culture. She experiments with the communicative qualities of interaction. Philosophically, she ponders the need for escape as the source of all things human and how games and play are a part of this. She cares a lot about how a game communicates its ideas to an audience not always familiar with games. With the constant innovations in technology, she looks forward to the opportunities the new media brings.

Educational History

Fine Arts Carnegie Mellon