Timothy Metz

A native of Seattle, Washington, Tim earned a Bachelor's Degree in Film Production from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. His first job was working as a post-production intern for Automat Pictures where he received his first published credit with the DVD release of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE remake. Tim's next job took him to network television where he went to work for NBC's hit show, FEAR FACTOR as the on-location Production Assistant. One of the more unusual aspects of this job included Tim hauling cow stomachs around a set for a particularly disgusting stunt. He then went to work at Ascendant Pictures as a Production Assistant where he did script coverage for the Producers, but also found time to freelance as a staff writer for Gamemethod.com where he wrote reviews for new console games.

Tim decided to get his Masters degree in Entertainment Technology because he hopes to expand his knowledge base and skill sets to try storytelling in new and daring mediums. His passion for films remains however, and it has helped him in creating fresh and exciting projects within the ETC.

Educational History

Film Production Loyola Marymount University