Tom Smith

Tom graduated this past spring from Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art. His special interests extend to digital art, web and character design, video, drawing, painting and sculpture. Practicing these different forms of media both independently and collaboratively, have allowed him the privilege of working with the unbelievable talent here at the ETC. He just returned from an internship at Christie's Auction House in Rockefeller Center, New York where he teamed up with their Creative Department to assist designing for publications such as The New York Times and Christie's Magazine. Tom's abilities to adjust quickly to new situations and different challenges are the result of his travel to such areas as Ecuador, Europe, South Africa and South East Asia. He also studied in Russia and more recently at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand. Recent projects he's worked on include the production of short films and trailers, exhibiting art in galleries, writing and illustrating short books, and sculpting wildlife. Tom especially enjoys creating visual storyboards and making places or objects come to life through aesthetic restoration and reinvention. He grew up in Princeton, New Jersey with his parents, younger sister Mary and two older brothers Ben and Nate.

Educational History

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Art Carnegie Mellon University, 2002