Timothy Staton-Davis

Timothy Staton-Davis believes that personal progress is equally if not more important than outward progress. He is constantly trying to improve himself and his skills. Tim received his undergrad in Computer Science at Howard University and longed to do something fun and interesting with his knowledge. With an interest in creating video games that can impact players emotionally or mentally (otherwise known as "Transformational Games"), he came to the ETC to create games like those and other entertainment experiences. He plans to work as game designer and programmer upon finishing the ETC. Tim has aspirations of starting his own game studio in the future.

Current Project: True North

Role: Game Designer

Internship: Simcoach Games


Past Projects

  • Faceless

  • Heart Rate Cafe

Educational History

Howard University, Bachelors of Science in Computer Science

Work History

Interned at Simcoach Games as a Game Designer in Summer 2015.