Vimal Sathish

Being at the end of a long line of engineers and traditional artists, Vimal seems to have inherited both qualities in equal measures.Transitioning from Medical Electronics in his undergrad,to working a couple of years in an international software company,to studying at Carnegie Mellon's ETC, Vimal believes in experiencing everything life has to offer.

If anything even remotely hints creativity and imagination,Vimal screams to be involved. Vimal believes that there is something new to be learnt everyday and cannot stand his mind getting stagnant with nothing to work upon.It is this very enthusiasm that drives him to excel in whatever he undertakes.

Vimal finds his calling in the entertainment field, and firmly believes that working in the entertainment industry would not actually be working, but a dream path to live life to the fullest.

Educational History

Bachelors in Medical Electronics M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India