Shine Li (Xian)

Shine Li, graduate student from Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University. After graduated as a software engineer in 2011, her great passion for games leads her to pursue the master's course in the Entertainment Technology Center. She developed game design skill as well as programming skill further through rapid prototyping of games in Building Virtual Worlds, one of the classes took in her first semester.

Then, Shine worked as the Game designer/programmer in a semester- long project. This project is about using the cutting-edge SMALLab platform to design and develop transformational games for k-12 students. Also, she took Jesse Schell's Game Design class, and worked really hard analyzing and designing games by herself.

Currently, she is working as a Game designer/ producer in another semester-long project which sponsored by EA, designing and producing games which would be interconnected through a multi- platform architecture.

Shine believes that she has a good sense of games and strong design skills. She is a self-motivated person and always wants to contribute creatively in the game industry.

Role: Designer/Producer

Educational History

Bachelor of Engineering, Software Engineering Beifang University of Nationalities

Work History

Kites Programmer/Designer Spring 2013   Interconnected Game Designer/Producer Fall 2013