Sarah Wang (Xiaochen)

Xiaochen (Sarah) Wang, an energetic and enthusiastic girl, is currently a second year graduate student in ETC. She has an artistic taste of all new emerging things around her. On the other hand, she has a scientist perspective towards affairs happened in her life.

She grew up in Shenzhen, a beautiful and twinkling changing city in southern part of China. In her childhood, she learned to draw and paint using different brushes in different forms, and learned to design and sculpt with different materials. Also, she enjoys music. She studied piano, classic dance and bel canto. All of the experiences gave her inspirations towards art.

She got her Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Digital Media Technology from Huazhong Technology of Science and Technology. She loves Computer Graphics and Computer Vision. In her undergraduate study, she had experiences in image processing research, computer graphics programming in OpenGL, and developing small games with Virtools and UDK. The love towards games led her to join ETC and she pursuits her dream here.

Educational History

Bachelor of Computer Science Huazhong University of Science & Technology