Xiaoxi Liu

Xiaoxi is a candidate for a Master of Entertainment Technology and will be graduating from CMU in May, 2011. She received Bachelor of Engineering degree in Digital Media Technology from Communication University of China, Beijing in 2009. Based on her educational and working experience, and more importantly the deep interest and enthusiasm in making animations and films, therefore, she came to ETC to gain both technical and artist skills in order to be a Technical Artist in media industry after graduation.

As a military brat born and raised in a navy's family in northeast of China, Xiaoxi spent her childhood in her father's battalion. Living with the real soldiers and surrounded with the sound of bugles for a long time, she got some specific spiritual qualities like persistence and diligence. On the other hand, she never stop seeking dreams and taking risk to exploit more, so that she decided to come to the United States to get further adventure in Entertainment Industry.

Xiaoxi has broad of interests like traveling and photography, and now is enjoying the life at ETC! For her, adventure would never stop...

Educational History

B.E. Broadcasting and Television Engineering Communication University of China