Xi Yuan Liu

Originally from Shanghai, China, Xi Yuan owned his first personal computer at an early age. This special gift gave him a great opportunity to explore the coolest technology in the world. His love of computers and programming never changed since he was a little kid.

In 2006, Xi Yuan left his hometown and went to France to pursue the Software engineering degree at Institut National des Sciences Appliquees of Toulouse. Contacting with people from other countries and cultural backgrounds broadened his horizons and invigorated his confidence in social interaction. During his undergraduate study, he accomplished many projects on location- based technology, Android platform and web development. He also took initiative to do the interns in the companies like Airbus and Sogeti High Tech.

Inspired by Randy Pausch, Xi Yuan applied to the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University on 2011. At ETC, he is hoping to work with his love of innovative technology while learning new things about the world of entertainment.

Educational History

Institut National des Sciences Appliquees de Toulouse Software Engineering