Xunyu Wang

Since his "first contact" with Nintendo's NES when he was only three years old, Xunyu was attracted by the exciting entertainment experience that modern technology can bring. When he started to learn BASIC at the age of seven, the first thing he did was to try a maze program in the book, and then he began to write simple text-based games to entertain himself. But his dream was to create an excellent game like those great games he had played, and he felt he lacked the knowledge of doing so. This feeling continuously pushed him to learn programming, until he found out that good programming is not enough for a good game.

Then he entered ETC, trying to learn from people with non- programming backgrounds and get what he really lacked - the ability to cooperate with other people, who have vastly different skill sets, and the ability to create really great games with them.

Educational History

Information Science Peking University