Xun Zhang

Xun majored in Mathematics & Applied Mathematics at Zhejiang University. He is quite interested in Machine Learning, Motion Control and enjoy creating new styles of game input. He designed and implemented a complete gesture training and recognition framework for Wii Remote. At Entertainment Technology Center (ETC), Xun had a chance to play with various platforms. He is a quick learner and love to try new technology. Being programming teaching assistant, he involved in importing multiple game platforms into Unity3D engine, including Kinect SDK, PlayStation Move, Jam-o-Drum, CAVE. His latest open source framework "Phoni System" is to make smartphones/tablets/PS Vita as multiplayer game controllers for PC.

Xun is especially willing to be a supporter and writing tools to make everyone's work comfortable and efficient. Instead of contributing to a specific game, he wish his work can be reused by other people and boost their development process. By now he has written several frameworks including PlayStation Move Wrapper, Gesture Box, Signal Level Editor, Kinect Gesture System and ongoing Phoni System. Among them, publicly released PlayStation Move Wrapper is already widely used inside and outside ETC. His heart is always with tool users, exerting to make tools easier to use. Xun wants to be game input and tool programmer, and contribute his effort to benefit other game developers and designers.

Educational History

BS in Mathematics & Applied Mathematics Zhejiang University