Lucien(Yen-Chu) Chen

“Life is Games”. In my perspective, game composes by three base elements, Rules, Object, and Rewards. Same as our life, I also believe my life is a game. I was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. I had the opportunity for extensive travel and have been fortunate enough to have visited the U.S., Austria, New Zealand and traveled extensively across S.E. Asia.

I chase my goal - be game designer - since I was junior high school student. I follow the rules, being a role when I have to be, a student, a sun, or employees. Gain experiences through working, studying, traveling and playing. During my college, I majored in Game Design, and internship in some game companies. Then I worked for SONY before I was freelance. Before came to ETC, my friends and I made two iPhone games "Happy Boom" and "Unlucky Man's Lucky". Those applications are still available on App Store.

The reward for me is “Happiness”. I enjoy focusing on my works and feel satisfied when it was done. Also, people feel surprised, enjoying and happy when they play my works and see my art works, but sometimes not always be positive feedback. However, all of it are the motivation that push you to keep moving and growing

My name Lucien(Yen-Chu) Chen. So, what’s your rule, object and reward?

Current Project: Septobunny

Role: Game Designer

Technical Artist

Past Projects

  • tEAm (Interconnected Game – EA)