Yotam Haimberg

Yotam was born in Israel, raised in South Florida, and earned his B.S. in Psychology from the University of Florida. He has a voracious appetite for all things games since an early age and began writing campaigns for Dungeons & Dragons in middle school. He pursued a degree in psychology to gain a deeper understanding about what motivates people to play and how to design experiences that fulfill that motivation. Prior to the ETC, Yotam started his path through the game industry by joining the team at Trendy Entertainment, assuming roles within the studio such as game tester, assistant producer, and level scripter.

Yotam joined the Entertainment Technology Center to deepen his understanding of interactivity and to collaborate on meaningful experiences that impact the audience. He hopes to channel all of the experience he gains at the ETC into a creative career in the entertainment industry.

Educational History

Psychology University of Florida