Yi-Jen (Ross) Lin

Yi-Jen (Ross) Lin is a professional game designer with a wide diversity of different talents. He always thinks about how to produce creative ideas for making the game play fun and unique. He has a quick turnaround and willing to brainstorm all kinds of games. Every time when Yi-Jen has a chance to design the game play for a project, he always feels so excited that he can't fall asleep quickly. For game play design, his philosophy is "Use minimum elements to create maximum possibilities."

Yi-Jen also loves story writing, which makes him so enjoyed. He is willing to design and write a story for the world of the game, and makes concept art for it! His artistic talent has further strengthened his motivation to do it. Yi-Jen started drawing at the age of six, teaching himself to sketch, watercolor, draw cartoons, and created promotion posters.

He completed his bachelor degree of Computer Science in Taiwan. Because of that, he can communicate with programmers easily because he has programming knowledge; he is also a part-time singer and able to compose original tracks for the team. Yi-Jen is talkative, and willing to communicate with either clients or teammates. He is confident his art skills, programming knowledge and music experience will contribute to his level design and make himself very useful and reliable in the game industry.

Educational History

Computer Science National Tsing Hua University