Yue(Julia) Zhu

Yue is a creator who never give up. After she got the degree in Beijing University of Post and Telecommunication, major in digital media art, she came to ETC with her dream: To create enjoyable experience to people.

Yue was a filmmaker who likes telling stories, and enjoys directing and editing films. She has already directed several short films when she was in undergraduate university, which help her to strengthen her ability of cinematography and storytelling.

After she takes her passion in game industry, she is really interested in game design and experience design. She enjoys seeing players’ reactions while they are playing her games.
After taking two game design classes of Jesse Shell and Stone Librande, Yue has a better understanding and confident about how to design a game.

Now, Yue is seeking for a full-time position that can provide experience in game design.

Current Project: Lucid Dream

Role: Lead Game Designer

2D Art

Past Projects

  • Morality Play

Educational History

Bachelor of Engineering Beijing University of Post and Commmunication

Work History

Morality Play Film/Sound Design Spring 2013   Epiphany Game Designer/ 2D Artist Fall 2013