Yujia (Euka) Chen

Euka specializes in UI design. She is a big Photoshop fan. She is familiar with Illustrator and Flash. She can work with HTML&CSS and major Adobe design tools. She produces quick visual prototypes as well as detailed graphic designs. She is never satisfied to be a pure user, but wishes to be a creator. She seeks every chance to realize her ideas and make her own design. She thoroughly enjoys the process of making ideas into reality, with teammates or by herself. Coming from a Journalism and Communication background, she knows the media and the audience and never stops to understand them better. Now graduating from Entertainment Technology Center, she is able to dive into the professional design field and realize her dream as a designer. No matter what roles she plays, she is always willing to push her design further and better. It is just the start point of a journey. She is ready for any challenges ahead.

Current Project: Serenity

Role: Game/UX designer

2D Art

Past Projects

  • HachiBashi (Interactive Japanese Culture)


Educational History

Tsinghua University

Digital Entertainment Design
Tsinghua University

Work History

HachiBashi (Interactive Japanese Culture)
UI Designer
Fall 2013

Game Design Intern
Westhouse Game Studio
Summer 2013

UX/UI Designer
Spring 2013