Yun-Ling Lee

Yun-Ling was supposed to be a journalist.

When she was a little girl, she was immersed in a world of stories- numerous historical books and fairy tales. As the literature nourished her mind, she also developed special interests in exploring and imagining the world.

Bearing a passion for society, she took Journalism as her major. She loved to go deep into real life to communicate with people and be inspired by their various experiences. Besides observing people's stories, thinking how to represent what she had experienced was another fascinating challenge to her. Thus traditional mass media couldn't satisfy her any more.

To better comprehend the application of media, she has gradually adjusted her future direction-- from a reporter to a digital storyteller/ content designer. She believes that pursuing professional knowledge and skills of entertainment technology will equip her with more power to express her ideas and to influence the world.

Educational History

BA in Journalism, and a Law minor National Chengchi University, Taiwan