Yeongmin Won

Yeongmin Elizabeth Won is an enthusiastic graphic designer obsessed with finding visual clues to communicate with viewers experimenting with different mediums.

Using her background in textile design, she wants to combine her craftsmanship with technology to make working art that gives meaningful experiences to people.
She is currently pursuing a masters degree at Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center (ETC).

She works as an User Interface/User Experience designer at the ETC with her multidisciplinary team, where she aims to translate her own unique point of view through her works. At Carnegie Mellon University she has worked on several experimental animations that show her creativity, and some of her interactive projects were exhibited at the Game Developers Conference 2015.

Before coming to the ETC, she worked on personal graphic design projects and has been featured on Behance and in graphic design magazines, BranD, and Playful Graphics.

Current Project: Funival

Role: UI/UX designer

Internship: Web UI/Visual Deesigner at BachinIt - Collaborative Party Planning service

2D Art

Past Projects

  • Kalpana