Zachary Pacheco

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Zachary has been fascinated with video games since the age of three when he got a Nintendo Entertainment System for Christmas. As he grew older he became gung ho about the video game industry and wanted to experience this form of media in different settings. He then would spend most of his free time in computer clubs, cybercafes, art & science museums, or at the local arcade. Yet all of that wasn't enough for Zachary. Soon he would begin his pursuit into getting into the video game industry.

In High School he took a large portion of art classes and joined the school's art club to get his feet wet and work his way up to an AP Portfolio course. During one of his summer breaks he took an Animation course at the Rhode Island School of Design to further his understanding of the professional art world. It was there Zachary gained the portfolio work needed to start hunting for a college. After many college fairs and interviews he learned about The Art Institute of Pittsburgh who offered a Bachelor of Science in Game Art & Design. The school welcomed him with open arms knowing he would be a huge influence with the future of the industry.

At the Art Institute, Zachary learned how to work individually and in groups to design structured content used in the video game industry. The faculty consisted of other ETC Alumni as well as current ETC Faculty members who all had a great understanding about what students needed to master. It was here where his skills were put to the test as he went through a series of trials in academic and artistic controlled environments. The Art Institute nurtured Zachary into understanding many different tasks implemented by professionals to help him become more well rounded. Yet even with all of the newly acquired skills Zachary learned he still wanted to pursue a higher education.

At the ETC, Zachary perceives that learning with an even broader background of graduate students he can have a better understanding about the different audiences that the video game industry can cater to. Zachary is very enthusiastic about working hands on with people that have different media backgrounds in order to push his own boundaries as well as current projects forward. From here Zachary will work on gaining an extensive portfolio that he will use to accumulate a job as a Game Designer in the video game industry.

Educational History

Bachelor of Science Game Art & Design The Art Institute of Pittsburgh