Zhe Chen

Born and raised in Beijing, China, Zhe finished his education from elementary school to university there. He earned his Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Software at Tsinghua University, and now has come to ETC for further education.

The reason Zhe chose ETC is that he is having a big enthusiasm for video games. Zhe became interested in video games since he was only 5 when he got his first contact with NES. Since then, video games have been an important part of his life. He enjoyed his childhood and adolescent life a lot with his video consoles and handhelds.

After played many games, Zhe decided to devote himself to game development so that more children and youths could enjoy a wonderful and colorful life as he did. Started with learning programming in Tsinghua University, Zhe has now arrived at ETC to improve his programming skills and to gain more and detailed knowledge about game development, such as computer graphics, game engines, game design and storytelling. Moreover, Zhe thinks that ETC is a great place to observe and experience various cultures from all over the world so that he could gain a more complete view of the planet he lives on.

Besides video games, Zhe is also interested in languages. As a native speaker of Chinese Mandarin, he is also fluent in English and Japanese. He has also learned some fundamental Sanskrit, Latin and Korean.

Educational History

B.E. Computer Software & B.A. Digital Entertainment Design Tsinghua University