Zhenyu Zhang

Hi, my name is Reuben. I am a programmer and a producer based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Currently, I am pursuing my master degree at Carnegie Mellon’s University Entertainment Technology Center.
I studied Software Engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University for my Bachelor’s degree. After graduating, I worked for 4 years at Shanghai Ubisoft Studio making console and mobile games. During the work, I shipped and released 3 titles and hone my skills not only as a programmer but also a technical leader.

My primary interest is in virtual reality and experimental game. As a professional software engineer with over 4 years of game industry working experience, I love to solve problems and make tools by using code. I am also passionate about the combination of engineering with art and transmedia storytelling. My other interests include travelling, photography and workout.

Role: Co-Producer, Programmer


Past Projects

  • Edelweiss