Zhisheng Xu

Hi there. I am a passionate gameplay programmer from Shanghai, China. Although I came from a background of computer science degree in my undergraduate, I begin to learn artistic skills because I do not want to limit myself to programming. Game is a lovely birth from both art and science. That's why I am pursuing the track of a technical artist. Working among different disciplines is amazing. Welcome to my personal website listed below to know more.

Current Project: AllClear

Role: Gameplay Programmer

Internship: Engine Engineer at Epic Games Inc. in summer 2020

Technical Artist

A simple SDL game

Past Projects

  • Next AR

Educational History

University of Pittsburgh                             2014/09 - 2018/12
Majored in Computer Science

Carnegie Mellon University                        2019/08  -    Now
Entertainment Technology Center
Master of Entertainment Technology(MET)

Work History

Epic Games Inc., Cary, North Carolina, U.S.A.
June 2020 — August 2020
Engine Engineer Internship                                    
● Constructed the name enforcement system for the new Virtual Camera plugin in Unreal Engine 5 
● Retrofitted the Composure system to increase its C++ exposure level to the Blueprints 
● Added a new feature that enables the engine viewport to lock onto selected cameras within an actor
● Documented the new Virtual Camera plugin for Epic Games internal use

EDDA Technology, Inc., Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.A.
May 2018 — August 2018 Software Engineer ● Programed unannounced AR project in HoloLens for precise lesion pin passing using Unity ● Built a new UI system based on gaze and tap gestures for extant AR projects ● Installed and crafted developing environment and manual for future AR