Cynthia Jiang (Zhixin)

Cynthia (Zhixin) Jiang was born and raised in China and achieved her degree in Computer Science at Shanghai Jiaotong University, one of the most prestigious computer science departments in the country. After her graduation she worked as a game software engineer for SEGA for one and a half years, contributing to the 3D action game title Altered Beast, and then for EA for 3 years, developing several casual online games for

Cynthia loves video games and is an avid novel reader as well, with a preference for science fiction and fantasy stories. This contributes to her love of Role Playing Games and other games with rich backgrounds and attractive stories. She dreams of designing and developing her own game, one that would bring people not only enjoyment, but also trigger some insightful thinking. This dream makes her want to expand her role in game development beyond programming, and is a main reason for joining the ETC. She enjoys her courses and is especially interested in learning how to analyze experiences and storytelling.

Cynthia believes in never giving up, and will work hard in the game industry with the goal of one day creating her own titles.

Educational History

B.S. Computer Science Shanghai Jiao Tong University