Zibo Ye

A dedicated real-time rendering specialist and game engine programmer with a robust foundation in modern C++ and a passion for immersive technology. My journey began with a B.S. in Intelligence Science and Technology from Peking University, where I nurtured a deep-seated interest in computer graphics, computer architecture, and real-time rendering. Instead of following the traditional AI research path, I pursued my dream of game development, which led me to a role as a Game Engine Programmer at NetEase Inc. There, I honed my skills in physics simulation, performance optimization, and tool programming, contributing significantly to the MMORPG 'Justice'.

Currently, I am expanding my expertise in Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon University, focusing on AR/VR applications and real-time graphics. My previous projects include leading the development of an empathy-building experience and innovating within VR biofeedback meditation. Alongside my studies, I interned at Apple, working on AR technologies for the RealityKit framework.

My technical proficiency is backed by extensive experience with HLSL, GLSL, DirectX, Vulkan, Unity, and Unreal Engine, alongside a suite of development tools. I am particularly proud of optimizing a multi-threaded physics simulation system and implementing a general-purpose GPU compute framework with maximized performance.

As I progress towards completing my Master's degree, I am eager to push the boundaries of entertainment technology and create experiences that resonate on a global scale.

Expert in Modern C++, HLSL, GLSL, DirectX 11/12, Vulkan
Proficient in CUDA, Python, and C#
Experienced with Unity, Unreal Engine
Deep knowledge in Computer Graphics and Real-time Rendering

Work Experience:
Game Engine Programmer at Thunder Fire Studio, NetEase Inc.
AR/VR Software Engineer Intern at Apple

Project Experience:
Lead Programmer for INTENT
Hardware Programmer for Inner Matter
Building Virtual World

Master of Entertainment Technology, Carnegie Mellon University (Expected May 2024)
B.S. in Intelligence Science and Technology, Peking University (June 2020)

Current Project: AR Mixtory

Past Projects