Zikun Fan

Raised in an artist family, Zikun received a good education on aesthetics from his parents, both on sketching and piano. Before entering college, Mathematics was an area that he excelled in. So he decided to study New Media Art at the Computer Science School of Beihang University, where both CS and Fine arts courses strengthen both his left and right brain. In college, Zikun realized the fun of interactive art so he started his first trial in interactive animation while his classmates were concentrating on making pre-rendering animation. This helped to finalize his decision to pursue a career in video games.

After graduation, Zikun decided to become an artist as he entered the video game industry. Therefore, he joined an animation studio owned by a famous artist to not only polish his skills on modeling and animation but also enhance his aesthetics in art. And now, Zikun comes to the ETC to continue his dream of making games.

Being a skilled modeler and animator, Zikun not only want to learn how to make a perfect interest curve in his game, but also concentrates on developing his teamwork ability, and ultimately grow up as a creative director in his career life.

Educational History

Bachelor of Arts, New Media Arts Beihang University