ChairJam Puts Spin on Hackathon Concept

ETC project team Joyride held a hackathon for creating tech-based entertainment experiences that incorporate wheelchairs, held Oct. 18-20 . The CMU news site did a story about the weekend’s event.

Joyride is a team at the ETC collaborating with researchers at Carnegie Mellon’s Human Computer Interaction Institute to create and host ChairJam. ChairJam is a three-day Game Jam / Hardware Hackathon to create interactive experiences which highlight a sense of joy around wheelchair use. Instead of focusing on the practical and traditional uses for wheelchairs, this project seeks to explore their design and possibilities from a playful perspective. What delightful experiences are possible when we look past the ordinary?

The Joyride team logo

Read the story on CMU’s website

For the remainder of the semester, the Joyride team will be taking the lessons learned from ChairJam to generate prototypes as well as create a document which summarizes the event and provide future organizers a guide of the dos and don’ts of running a ChairJam. You can visit the team’s blog

The Joyride team constists of ETC students, Yuki Cheng, Muhammad Bin Tahir Mir, Parker Ramsey, Jiajun Tan and Jinyi Ye, with Heather Kelley and Ricardo Washington as the project instructors.

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