ETC at GDC 2018

Each spring in San Francisco, over 26,000 programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals, business decision-makers and others involved in the development of interactive games and virtual reality gather to exchange ideas and shape the future of the industry game development industry at The Game Developers Conference (GDC).  The conference is always big part of the ETC experience with many of the alumni, students and faculty participating in and attending the conference.  Here are just some of the ways you can see an “ETCer” at GDC March 19-23, 2018 at the Moscone Center.

Current Students:
ETC student River Liu
Second Year student River Liu has been named an IGDA Foundation Scholar as well as the Eric Dysband Memorial AI Scholarship recipient. River and other scholars have been given all-access passes to the Game Developers Conference next month in San Francisco as well as a number of different conferences which could include GDC Europe, Gamescon and E3.
First year student Naomi Burgess
First year student Naomi Burgess has been named a Gold winner of this year’s Game Developers Conference – GDC​ Game Narrative Review! Every year, leading game design programs at universities across the country integrate the GDC’s Game Narrative Review competition into their academic curricula. Each participating student conducts a detailed structured analysis of the narrative elements of a game title of their choice. The resulting papers are submitted to the GDC writing board for review, and the submitters with the most promising entries are then invited to create a poster as a visual synopsis of their review. Successful poster submissions are declared winners and exhibited at the GDC.
First Year student Sahar Kausar

Sahar Kausar, ETC 2019 Microsoft GDC Scholar.

Second year student Daniel Cohen

Second year student Daniel Cohen is a conference associate

Student Project:

ETC student project Presence will be representing the ETC at the Intel University Games Showcase & Expo.  The project Presence team spent the fall 2017 semester exploring the implications of moving 3rd person narrative games to virtual reality through the development of a film noir story, “One of the Family.”

Faculty and Alumni

Jessica Hammer, Assistant Professor, ETC and HCII –  Improving Critique of Game Projects with Expert and Peer Feedback

Jesse Schell, Distinguished Professor of the Practice, Developer Q&A (Presented by Fair Play Alliance) and The Nature of Order in Game Narrative

Stone Librande, Adjunct Faculty speaker Game Design Workshop I and II and Rules of the Game: Five Further Techniques from Rather Clever Designer

Shawn Patton (03) (Schell Games)  Playtesting VR: Brownboxing, Spycams, and Fuzzy Rugs

Eric Hamel(13) (Worthing & Moncrieff) A Matter of Music Design: Driving Gameplay with Music

Chris Bell (11) (Independent) speaker in the The Narrative Innovation Showcase 2018

Seema Moorjani (05)  speaker “We Made This Game” 18th Annual Women in Gaming Rally presented by Microsoft

Aubrey Scott (15) (Monster Games) Mentor (Guild Leader), GLITCH Power Leveling

Adarshkumar Pavani (15) at the Mapbox Booth, GDC Expo, 1715 South Hall

Xiaoshan Lu (17) at the Amazon/Twitch Booths, Expo, 1101 and 1337, South Hal, demonstrating the new SDK of Twitch Tuesday and Thursday, March 20th and 22nd

Pepin Hazan (17) at the Uber ATG Booth, Expo. 2017 South Hall, recruiting and discussing work of Uber ATG’s simulation team


Special thanks to Susan Timko, Director of Career Services, for gathering 
the information.



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