ETC project made CMU homepage

Right before the winter break, CMU School of Architecture released a video featuring the work of ETC project PlastAR.

The PlastAR project was from the spring 2017 semester, the team of ETC students worked with CMU School of Architecture professors  Francesca Torello and Joshua Bard and the Carnegie Museum of Art Hall of Architecture to create augmented reality experiences to make information accessible to museum visitors.

From the CMU article:

“”The public is often not aware of how a copy can be valuable in and of itself,” Torello said. “In antiquity, for example, the Romans were making copies of Greek sculpture. So, the idea of seriality is, in reality, part of art history. In our society the authenticity of the art object has more importance, so these pieces have lost part of their clout.”

Plaster ReCast is one of the projects featured in “Copy + Paste: Hall of Architecture,” an eight-month study of the museum’s Hall of Architecture. Over the course of “Copy + Paste,” curators, technologists, students, architects and artists are testing ways of presenting information about the collection. The museum plans to use activities and visitor feedback to inform future efforts.”

Congratulations to the PlastAR team!

Project Instructors: Shirley Saldmarco, Heather Kelley

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