Faculty piece at interactive exhibit

This year’s installment  of Digiplayspace at the TIFF Bell Lightbox includes ETC faculty member Heather Kelley’s commissioned piece, Hopscotch.  The exhibit aims to empower audiences to see everyday technologies in a new light, full of artistic expression and possibilities. An article in the Toronto Star describes the exhibition that runs now until April 22 as part of the Toronto International Film Festival.

From the article:

“Digitally interactive hopscotch is perfect example of the type of exhibits at Digiplayspace, the annual kid-friendly TIFF exhibition showcasing cutting-edge tech used in playful ways as visitors touch, feel and play their way through installations. This year’s theme is Mixed Reality and curator Matt Nish-Lapidus says the goal is to introduce and demystify these emerging digital tools and combine them with art.

This (Hopscotch) one winds the length of the space, with every hop, skip and jump triggering a Theremin sound. Its dual paths start off with traditional instructions but eventually have you doing more than just jumping along.

“It requires two people at all times and there are interactions where the music will play differently if you are collaborating with the other player,” says Heather Kelley, the artist behind it. “There are always tons of children, they love it. They understand the basic concept, and it starts very much like a traditional hopscotch, but then walks you through all these elements that are slightly different as it gets more intricate.””

Read more of the article on the Star website.

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