Not Everything is Flammable is Released!

ETC student pitch project team DAM released their 2d platform game Not Everything is Flammable (NEIF) earlier this week through Gamejolt.

NEIF initially began as a Global Game Jam prototype created by the DAM team:  David Shiyang Liu, Alex Hu and Mac Lotze.  After the Game Jam, the students pitched the project to the ETC faculty and have spent the last three months expanding the game.  The game also is slated for a May 2015 release on iOS.

The goal of NEIF is to cause as much property damage as possible.  Burn through houses, suburban towns, major cities and the once peaceful countryside as the player slowly unravels their motivations behind the destructive fury.  NEIF features simple mechanics, procedurally generated challenges and an adaptive musical score to ensure a unique play experience every time you play.

Great work David, Alex and Mac!

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