Prism in the spotlight

Last week, Pittsburgh’s  NPR station WESA did a story on the game created by ETC student team Prism.  The game helps elementary school students understand the experiences of their peers on the autism spectrum.

The student team consisting of Ridima Ramesh – Designer,  Lena (Xueyang) Wang -Artist , Daniel Wolpow -Producer/Writer, Yutian Zheng – Programmer/Sound Designer, and Yidi Zhu – Programmer/Game Designer, worked during the spring 2017 with client Beech Bottom Primary Schools in Brooke County WV to create the tools to help a generation of children grow up with increased awareness and understanding for their autistic peers.  The project advisors to the team were Mike Christel and Scott Stevens.   The Prism team has also named a gold metal winner in the student category of the 2018 International Serious Play Awards.

The game is available for download in the App Store or on the team’s website.


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