Project 143 is an Entertainment Technology Center initiative to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood by honoring the legacy of the neighbor who started it all: Fred Rogers. We will be working with the Fred Rogers Center in Latrobe, Pennsylvania to construct an interactive experience exploring the giving-centric ethos of the man behind the iconic red sweater. Simultaneously, we aim for this experience to reflect the values Fred strived to embody through his work: unwavering acceptance, gentle honesty, and fearless authenticity. We hope that this project will help the Fred Rogers Center continue where Fred left off, lovingly cultivating and promoting the ideals he espoused.

Project Members: Naomi Burgess, Marissa Doerger, Xuhao Du, Renee (Qianye) Mei, Keran Sui, Conor Triplett

Project Instructors: Shirley Saldamarco, Ricardo Washington

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700 Technology Dr. Pittsburgh, PA. 15219