7 Seasons Studio

7 Seasons Studio is a semester-long project tasked with the production of a pitch deck of an original video game. We are a team of artists and designers from the Entertainment Technology Center exploring the process associated with creating a concept from scratch, and the pre-production necessary to bring it to a fully fledged game concept.

This semester, we are exploring the concept of an open-world action adventure game in which the player is part of a living, persistent ecosystem inside a giant leviathan. The player must embark on a journey to both heal the leviathan of various ailments and maintain the symbiotic relationship between their society and the leviathan. As the player traverses the fantastical environment, their actions will affect the ecosystems they encounter, which will in turn shape the future of their society.

Team Members: Lochlan Belford, Ryan Eckert, Jingyi (Joy) Liu, Yifan Shan, Zongze Xie, Justin Yook, Rui Zhang

Project Instructors: Chris Klug, Ricardo Washington

  • Lochlan Belford
  • Yifan Shan

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    700 Technology Dr. Pittsburgh, PA. 15219