Ako is an Entertainment Technology Center – Silicon Valley project that is creating a fun conversational Augmented Reality companion to help a player learn a table-top game. People usually rely on instruction booklets, online videos or another player to learn the rules of a game. Very often, this becomes time-consuming and confusing.

To make this experience enriching and user-friendly, the team is exploring:

– AR technologies to make the learning experience magical while also retaining the fun of playing the physical table-top game.

– Speech Processing technologies to help the player have a natural conversation with the agent.

– Virtual character personalities to make the experience engaging and entertaining.

Project Members: Ashley (Zhaoyi) Liang, Sudha Manigundam Raghavan, Miao Ren, Urvil Ajit Shah

Project Instructors: Carl Rosendahl, Melanie Lam

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700 Technology Dr. Pittsburgh, PA. 15219