The project involves developing a mobile augmented reality (AR) app leveraging the client’s SDK, Niantic’s Lightship ARDK 3.0. This AR app will build a unique experience around one of Pittsburgh’s unique features, the bridges, to motivate players to move and explore the real world. AlighteR will test Lightship’s newly updated AR features and design an immersive experience to leverage the technology throughout the semester. The team will primarily work on Android mobile development but could publish on Android and iOS platforms.

Project Instructor: Mike Christel

Team Members: Wuji Cao, Yunqi (Fanya) Li, Tingru (Tina) Lian, Dmitry Portnoy, Taveesin (Jesse) Sae Xu, Minkyung Shin

  • Wuji Cao
  • Taveesin Sae Xu

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