Alpha Detective Agency

The Alpha Detective Agency is a game-aiming ETC project focusing on Murder Mystery genre, with six members from interdisciplinary backgrounds. The target of the project is to build up an embodied, immersive, and innovative gaming experience, based on research of multiple Murder Mystery games in various forms.

The game is combined with role-playing character set-up, collaborative puzzle solving, and competitive werewolf-like experience. Players will be allowed to investigate the truth behind a case, with a murder among players actively prohibiting the investigation by killing them.

The platform of the game is a combination of several mobile phones as players’ investigation tool, and a computer acts as narrator.

Project Instructor: Jonathan Walton, Chris Klug

Project Members: Tuesday Becker, Hui Feng, Liyi Tang, Chao-Yang (James) Tseng, Katherine Wheeler, Jingyu Xie

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