AR Mixtory

ARENA” is a multi-platform VR/AR/XR authoring tool developed by Carnegie Mellon University’s Wiselab. ARENA’s development aims to emphasize user experience design in mixed-reality storytelling by providing tools that allow users to interact with content. In this project, our team will contribute to designing and developing a mixed-reality interactive environment using ARENA.
With ARENA’s features, the goal of our interactive environment would be to emphasize users’ connections with the scene. To achieve this goal, we took inspiration from old Chinatown in Pittsburgh. Our team will memorialize its legendary background story to recreate the scene of Pittsburgh’s Chinatown 100 years ago on the ARENA platform. Since ARENA can provide simple user interactions such as moving and tapping, our scene will be displayed as an exploration tour with storylines. Tasks can be activated based on users’ actions. Follow us on this tour and unveil the mysteries of Pittsburgh Chinatown.

Project Instructors: Scott StevensMike Christel

Team Members: Zhiying (Selena) Guan, Jiahao (Marsh) He, Xinyu Li, Anton Renouf,  Zibo Ye, Penghua Zhou

  • Zhiying Guan
  • Jiahao He
  • Xinyu Li

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