This project is to design and build a procedural generation pipeline with authentic historical data. The main focus is to tackle the technical challenges and implementation of the pipeline to build large-scale,
industrial-standard environments. Combining both technical and artistic dimensions, this pipeline should provide concrete and complete solutions for large-scale landscape development, not only
for Tang Dynasty, but also for any other cultural themes and landscape genre as required. Using Houdini and Unreal Engine, the pipeline can be highly summarized as the following stages: Building
modules and parameterization in Houdini, generating single building, and implementing building clusters and placement using algorithms in Unreal Engine. The final deliverables will be the documentation that documents the entire pipeline, related tools, source code, etc, and the interactive demonstration of Tang Dynasty town. The outputs worthy of publication will also be submitted to the conferences such as EPC, GDC and SIGGRAPH.

Project Instructors: Mike Christel, Jonathan Walton

Team Members: Wei Cheng (Jimmy) Chen, Yingzi (Eiko) Qu, Yigang Wen, Yongzi (Eliza) Ye, Xiunan Yu

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