Bandology is a casual MMOG (massively multiplayer online game) about being in a band. Bandology began as an ETC student-pitched project in the Spring of 2007, and is now in its second semester.

One of the great strengths of online gaming is the ability to play with countless other people all over the world, but in order to interact with these other people, players are required to be online simultaneously. Bandology hopes to solve this problem and allow players of all types to play together by allowing for variable time commitment in their play.

Additionally, creating a casual MMOG presents many challenges that would otherwise be non-issues in traditional hardcore online games. Hardcore online games benefit and reward people who are able to spend more time playing the game, thereby hurting the chances for casual and hardcore players to play together on a level playing field. Bandology allows groups of players to play cooperatively and collaboratively in a virtual band without having to be online and playing simultaneously.

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